Ravishing Red Lips

A red pout is one of the most timeless and elegant looks. When done properly, it can be the pop of color necessary to make a statement with your ensemble.

A few easy tips to create the perfect red lip:

-First off, always search for a shade of red that looks best on your skin tone. There are endless shades to choose from: red-oranges, red-browns, true reds, and blue-reds.  (Trying on at the store before purchasing is always key.)

-For a perfect red pout make sure that you start with a well hydrated and exfoliated lip. (Apply lip balm overnight, and gently exfoliate your lips with a tooth-brush the next morning.)

-Apply a small amount of foundation onto your lips.

-Apply the lip color using a lip brush rather than straight from the tube.

-Use a lip liner in that same shade of red and apply the liner on your natural lip line. (Going outside of your natural lip line WILL make you look ridiculous!)

-Teeth check! No one ever looks classy with crimson stained teeth.

-Go easy on the eyes.  I love pairing a classic red lip with neutral shadows and simple cat eye-SO Mad Men!

A few versions of the ultimate red pout…

Red lips are perfect for the season and look fantastic in photos. If you don’t have a tube, treat yourself!


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